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Tube Mic at the Top of ADK's Award-Winning Production Mics

  • The new Flagship of the Affordable Audiophile Division: ADK ZEUS - like having 81 Mics in One

    Designed to be Ultra Flexible / Ultra-Useful in Studio Applications.

    High and Low Frequency Tailoring plus Three-Way Polar / Three-Way Attenuation Pad.

  • Long-Awaited replacement for Ray Charles favorite ADK TT

    After Hot-Rodding the TT into the Z-Mod, it left a hole in our mic line-up. 

    The Zeus is Nine Times more Flexible with Exponentially Better Specs at Half the Price of the Original Mic that Tracked 'Genius Loves Company' Vocals!  

  • Sonically Sweetened Tone Colors

    In Brilliant Mode can push a Rock or Hip Hop Vocal to the Front of the Mix!

    In Near Neutral Mode it offers a very honest rendering of any source!

    In Mellow Mode it can take the edge off a pinched or nasal singer. Fat!